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Ultrasound 3D/4D Imaging Solutions
The Sono360 system enables cost effective high quality 3D volume imaging solution to any diagnostic Ultrasound system. 3D visualization of medical images greatly improves diagnostic capability of any 2D imaging modality, and thus improves the better patient care. It also helps in Medical teaching.

  • Frame by frame 2D image review.
  • Instant post-processing and data display.
  • User selectable region of interest.
  • Advanced Patient image/data storage and retrieval.
  • Rotation, Pan, Zoom, Smoothing Filters, Material selection, Brightness/ contrast.
  Key Features:  
Other Features:
Complete file management.
Customizable screen layout.
Customizable reports.
Measurements and calculations.
Export to AVI, BMP file format.
CD burning
Position tracker system.
OEM specific integration options.
Real - Time 3D integration.
Remote control.
System Configuration:
Windows XP based workstation.
High resolutions graphics and monitor.
High-quality video frame grabber hardware.
Sono360 installation CD-ROM.
CD-Burning kit (optional)
Foot-pedal, position tracker (optional)
Enables 3D Volume imaging capability to any 2D ultrasound system.
Integrated to any ultrasound system.
Simple and easy to use user interface design.
Multiplanar Reformatting (MPR) : Axial, Sagittal, Coronal, and 3D plane.
OEM integration options for real-time 3D volume imaging.
Volume data store / review and CD burn options.
Real-time 2D Image acquisition and volume data construction.
Modality specific configurations.
File based image acquisition DICOM load support.
Direct frame memory access (free hand non-sensor based) Video grabber based image acquisition.
Sensor based acquisition control.
Volume probe based acquisition control Real-time.
3D reconstruction (Conditioning & transformation of the acquired data into Cartesian volume).
    Image Rendering:
Segmentation of 3D data.
Surface rendering.
Volume shading.
Image filtering.
Threshold and Gamma correction.
Depth cut.
Application specific presets.
Patient / Image storage management
Interface to HIS/RIS System.
Supports foot pedal to capture video / still images.
Custom Supports.
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