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DICOM Enabling Solutions
SoftTeam provides various DICOM enabling solutions to medical OEMs, solutions integrations and end users. We offer DICOM solutions based on own DICOM tool-kit or tool-kits of your choice. We have extensive experience in enabling DICOM connectivity to various imaging modalities and information systems.

For End-Users:
We offer non-DICOM to DICOM conversion solutions through our DICOM Import workstations application. It can convert any picture/video/report data into DICOM.
Some of our Services Include:
For Medical OEMs:
We can make your non-DICOM modality into a complete DICOM modality.
For Solutions Integrators:
We offer various DICOM integration solutions for modalities and information systems. We can convert a semi-DICOM or non-DICOM modality into complete DICOM modality. We can extend the life of your legacy non-DICOM modality into DICOM modality through our Import workstation products. We can provide conversions and data exchange solutions to inter-connect different modalities/information systems.
DICOM storage class provider and user services.
DICOM query / retrieve provider and user services
DICOM storage commitment services
DICOM Worklist provider and user services
MPPS and GPPS services
DICOM notification services
DICOM routing and auto forwarding solutions
Secondary capture format conversions
DICOM import / export solutions
DICOM RT conversion solutions
DICOM print providers and emulators
DICOM filming workstation solutions
DICOM projection solutions
DICOM Slide-show solutions
DICOM data metric, filtering, monitoring solutions
DICOM conformance statement documentation
DICOM workstations, viewers
SoftTeam is your one-stop partner for your all your DICOM needs.
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