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PACS Solutions
SoftTeam’s StellarPACS Picture Archiving Communication System empowers healthcare professional with access to wealth of vital diagnostic data for managed patient care. Provides reliable multi-modality centralized storage with fast and consistent access to all patient data and images virtually from any where.

Technology at Work for You:
StellarPACS picture archiving and communication product solution is built based on robust portable server platform, with database, file system and web services. DICOM storage provider service can be configured to receive any modality DICOM data for storage. Stored data can be viewed using the any DICOM compliant viewer and inbuilt clinical viewer distribute through a standard web browser.

Based on the site requirements SoftTeam provides preconfigured single box StellarPACS server systems for small and medium hospitals. Preconfigured systems are installed with necessary software and hardware for ready to use state.
Key Features:
Technology Highlights:
StellarPACS is a fully integrated DICOM Storage and DICOM Application Server, compatible with any DICOM modality and most DICOM viewing workstations.
SoftTeam’s PACS solution includes a range of products to build modern digital integrated healthcare environment where both modern and legacy system can be efficiently utilized for managed patient care
StellarPACS system solutions are versatile and can be scaled to deploy from small clinics to large hospitals.
StellarPACS is based on scalable, configurable, secured, robust multi-platform architecture, designed and developed by experienced technology/healthcare professionals.
Supports multiple platforms such as variant of Unix, Linux, Windows and more.
Supports various database engines such as MySQL, PgSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle and more.
System can be configured and monitored via web, no need for any physical access to the server system.
Integrated secured access, auditable logs, and alerts management systems.
Supported variety of storage/archive system such as on-line, near-line and off-line storage.
Central storage server with RAID facility.
Web-based platform independent clinical viewer.
Support archival and restore facility.
Optional workstation client access support.
Optional integrated RIS.
Optional HL7 based HIS/RIS integration.
Optional DICOM Modality Worklist, Modality Performance Procedure Steps (MPPS).
Role based user logon and access rights with concurrent user support.
Optional web services for tele-radiology.
Fully compliant with international standard.
StellarPACS Components:
DICOM Store Services.
DICOM Query/Retrieve Services.
Archive services.
Integrated RIS and Worklist.
Web based clinical viewer.
Web based administration.
Web based Tele-radiology.
Improved access to diagnostic-quality images.
Simultaneous access to images by multiple providers in different locations.
Elimination of repeat studies necessitated by unavailability of images.
Enhanced ability to compare cases.
Ability to read from remote locations.
Virtually eliminates dependence on film management.
Supports Tele-health services.
System Configuration:
Dual core Xeon based server system.
Scalable RAID storage starting from 1 TB.
TAPE drive for long term archival.
DVD R/W for archival.
Designed to provide complete digital radiology solution from a single vendor. Includes professional radiology review workstation, clinical review workstations and import workstations for conversion of non-DICOM to DICOM conversion.
Application Services:
Web based DICOM study / image services.
Patient/study browser with search options.
Compatible with any standard web browser.
Provides basic image manipulation services.
Optional workstation services.
Web based administrative services.
Self diagnostics, e-mail / SMS alerts.
Auditable logs.
Communication Services:
DICOM Storage provider.
DICOM verification service.
DICOM query retrieve services.
DICOM routing services.
Supports secured socket communication.
Rule engine for storage, retrieval and routing.
Optional Modality worklist provider interface.
Optional Modality performance procedure interface.
Web configurable communication settings.
Optional HL7 interfacing service.
Optional Components and Services:
Optional CD/DVD archival and labeler.
Optional Tape or Disk archival.
Optional RAID and mirror data services.
DICOM routers and forward services.
Optional HIS/RIS Integration.
Non-DICOM to DICOM modality conversion.
Film to DICOM solutions.
Data migration solutions.
Web service for Tele-radiology with audio/video/text chatting.
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