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Embedded / Mobile Solutions
We provide custom software development solutions for embedded and mobile platforms.
Application domain areas include healthcare application, medical diagnostic imaging applications, custom business application and entertainment and gaming application. Our expertise in customized mobile development will provide you with the cutting edge solution to make your business stand apart from your competition
We provide embedded software development solutions for small micro-controller based systems; large real-time, complex software systems; and board support packages and device drivers. We follow industrial standards in development process and provide excellent documentation for better maintenance and management.
Our teams have experience in working on embedded hardware projects for clients across several industry domains including medical, industrial automation, control systems, and multimedia among others.
Our Software Development team has in-depth expertise in various hardware architectures, operating systems, technologies and tools some of them are.
  Some of our Embedded Software Development Services Include:  
Mobile Application Platforms:
iOS applications
Android applications
Windows phone applications
Embedded Platforms:
Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE)
Embedded Linux
Technology / Tools:
.NET compact
Silverlight for Windows Embedded
QT Embedded
platform builder
Medical system console and control panel application.
Patient table control and positioning devices.
Operating theater remote control systems.
Embedded application product development and industrial applications..
Custom embedded applications software on various embedded operating systems.
Smart device, GPS solution developments.
Custom developments, kernel extensions, migration, and device drivers.
  Some of the Embedded Success Stories:
Three axis CNC system for quality control of granites
Communication and control software for EBT-CT scanner
Embedded control and device driver software for diagnostic ultrasound systems.
Parallel port drivers for Ultrasound system image transfer
Serial drivers for custom interfacing with Radiation therapy treatment systems
WDM based Virtual printer drivers for MS Windows
WDM based device drivers for PCI interface hardware
User interface components for treatment system remote controls using VxWorks / Zinc
USB device drivers for ECG central station interface box
Ultrasound software solutions under embedded SH Linux
PDA based ECG monitoring systems
Migration of applications to Embedded XP
Java based medical device data routers
Medical imaging devices using XP embedded
Real-time Patient monitoring device based on WinCE
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