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Case Study
Case Study: Lisie Hospital, Cochin. - Digital imaging workstation for C-Arm.
Medical Imaging solution / DICOM Imaging workstation.
Organization: Lisie Hospital, Cochin.
Product Solution: FluoroPal Pro/ X-Ray Fluoro Imaging workstation.
Lisie Hospital's surgery department purchased new x-ray c-arm systems, in which they wanted to have digital image recorder and DICOM facility. The modality vendor approached us for solutions and our product FluoroPal readily meet the requirement.
The solution integrates well with the manufacturer system, it replaces the storage monitor, it records every procedure step as cine on x-ray foot pedal. It provides automatic reply review loop, storage, DICOM transfer, DICOM CD. It also provides cost effective plan paper image print and DICOM print facility. In general it converts the analog modality into a digital system, storage, printing and review facility.
  • Provides cost effective digital imaging workstation compared with expensive CR or DR systems.
  • Replaces legacy video records like films and VCR with digital recording facility.
  • Remote control facilitates work ergonomics in the operating theater.
  • With immediate and complete procedure storage and review in the theater enables the physician to review the frames in details and thus avoid any re-expose to the patient, there by reduces the total dose delivered to the patient.
  • Procedure can be stored CD media for further reference or for education purpose.
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