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Fluoropal Radiofluoro Image Management
The FluoroPal capture workstation instantly enables your legacy fluoroscopic system into a digital DICOM imaging modality. FluoroPal workstation acquires analog video images, digitizes them and converts them into DICOM SC image and video files for further storage or processing.
Key Features:
Patient / Image storage management
Interface to HIS/RIS System.
Supports foot pedal to capture video / still images.
Custom Supports.
DICOM Connectivity:
Flexible DICOM configurations.
Acts as DICOM storage class user to push images to other DICOM compatible modalities like TPS, PACS etc.
Options to store video as multi-frame DICOM SC image.
DICOM CD-ROM burning
DICOM Printing
System Configuration:
Windows7, XP based workstation.
High resolutions graphics and monitor.
High-quality video frame grabber hardware.
CD-Burning kit (optional)
Foot-pedal, position tracker (optional)
Supports any legacy fluoro imager.
Image capture and calibration.
Patient & study management.
Convert analog video to DICOM-3.
DICOM store, DICOM print, DICOM CD.
Flexible DICOM configuration.
Patient/Visit Management:
Demographic information entered through keyboard.
Modality specific configurations.
Image Management:
Accepts real - time images data from an any analog fluoro imager.
Captures 8 bit gray scale images.
Image calibration facilities.
Supports video compression.
Configurable machine protocols
  Image Review:
Real-time review of stored images.
VCR controls for video playback.
Easy stored image review on flexible image layout
Image manipulation features – WW / WC, Contrast / brightness and Zoom / Pan
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