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HIT HL7 Toolkit
SoftTeam is a reliable medical imaging solutions provider; assisting institutions across the world in building reliable HL7 information exchange network by automating the healthcare information workflow. HL7 Tool kit (HIT) allows users to interconnect various Healthcare information systems and medical modalities. This cost effective tool kit enables HIS/RIS/LIS application vendors, developers, solutions integrators and Hospital IT personals to effectively integrate various information systems and medical modalities. HIT tool kit is provided as separate developer tool kit for rapid solution integration / development or along with integration / development services based on the requirements using HIT.

HL7 Interface development Toolkit (HIT) technical information :

HIT consist of two major functional components they are HL7 message parser, filter, encoder/decoder and HL7 message communicator. HL7 message parser, filter, encoder and decoders includes various message handling parsing, filters, encoder and decoders. Various types parsers helps to translate the messages. Encoder helps to create structured HL7 messages. Decoder helps to decode HL7 message readable by the program.
Features of Message Encoder/decoder :
Features and Benefits :
Enables industry standard HL7 information exchanged facility for your new or existing systems (HIS/RIS/PACS/CIS/LIS/ or any medical modality).
HL7 message encoders and decoder with support for various formats.
Configurable TCP/IP sender/receiver for communication.
Utilities, tools and documents for development and testing.
Easy to install/integrate with support.
Efficient, reliable and cost effective.
Comprehensive and flexible data manipulation objects available on a field-by-field basis.
Supports standard and customized input and /or output formats such as: HL7, XML, ASC.
Message Queues.
Supports customizable HL7 message to suite the custom requirements.
Support HL7 Version 2.X messages.
HL7 Message Communicator :
Communicator provides reliable TCP/IP network communication for sending and receiving the HL7 message packets.
User interface available to configuration network communication options.
The GUI administration tools allow monitoring and management of communications other interface activities.
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