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Image Management Software
Stellar Import Workstation FluoroPal Radiofluoro Image Management
StellarWorks Import Workstation facilitates connecting your non-DICOM modalities to the PACS network Stellar Import Workstation provides reliable interchange of patient records such as images and reports from a non-DICOM modality to PACS system. more
The FluoroPal capture workstation instantly enables your legacy fluoroscopic system into a digital DICOM imaging modality. FluoroPal workstation acquires analog video images, digitizes them and converts them into DICOM SC image and video files for further storage or processing. more
SonoPal Ultrasound Image Management DICOM Director DICOM Routing Solutions
SonoPal is easy to use patient centric DICOM based ultrasound image management software works with any diagnostics ultrasound system, integrable with other medical information system to enable radiology workflow automation and film-less paper-less radiology. It provides cost effective and efficient reporting solutions compared with the conventional cumbersome multi-format camera and expensive thermal printing reports. more
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a comprehensive set of standards for handling, storing and transmitting information in medical imaging. It includes a file format definition and a network communication protocol. Many of the modern medical modalities support various degrees of DICOM functions like storage, storage commitment, print, worklist, MPPS, and procedure status indication. more
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