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Medical OEM
Ultrasound System Software Solution Framework Ultrasound Measurement and Calculation Package
SoftTeam provides complete application and control software framework for your real-time diagnostic ultrasound system development. With your hardware and with our software framework you can rapidly build the state of the art ultrasound product. Our development process is matured to meet the industrial and regulatory standards. more
SoftTeam's Measurement Application and Reporting Technology (SMART) is a handy package which is easily customizable and highly portable to use with different variants of Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems with features to use on clinical application, basic measurements, patient data management, and advanced reporting. more
Ultrasound 3D/4D Imaging Solutions Central Patient Monitoring and Storage Solutions
The Sono360 system enables cost effective high quality 3D volume imaging solution to any diagnostic Ultrasound system. 3D visualization of medical images greatly improves diagnostic capability of any 2D imaging modality, and thus improves the better patient care. It also helps in Medical teaching. more
SoftTeam provides real-time patient vital sign data acquisition, storage, display, report and conversion solutions of various vital sign patient monitoring modalities such as multi parameter patient monitors, EEG, ventilators, lab equipment, and intensive care equipment. more
Complete Software Solution for Patient Monitor DICOM Enabling Solutions
Patient registration and discharge. 24 hours Heart Rate and RR interval trend graphs and tables. Optional full disclosure ECG data with storage and summary review. Arrhythmia detection and classification with minute wise recording. more
SonoPal is easy to use patient centric DICOM based ultrasound image management software works with any diagnostics ultrasound system, integrable with other medical information system to enable radiology workflow automation and film-less paper-less radiology. more
Modality Workstation System Software Custom Software Development.
StellarWorks Modality Workstation is designed to work with various imaging modalities as primary or secondary image acquisition and management workstation. It offers intuitive, easy to use workflow for image acquisition, patient/image data management, image review, film composing and reporting. more
SoftTeam has many years of custom software development experience using an extensive set of tools and technologies. Our experience, productivity and quality have helped us to complete many high-quality projects for our customers.more
Embedded / Mobile Solutions
We provide custom software development solutions for embedded and mobile platforms.
Application domain areas include healthcare application, medical diagnostic imaging applications, custom business application and entertainment and gaming application. Our expertise in customized mobile development will provide you with the cutting edge solution to make your business stand apart from your competition more
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