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Case Study
Case Study: KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital, Malaysia - StellarWorks Workstation product as Radiology Review Workstation.
StellarWorks Workstation product as Radiology Review Workstation.
Organization: KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital, Malaysia.
Product Solution: StellarWorks Radiology Workstation.
KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital use StellarWorks workstations as modality post processing, radiology review and film composing purpose.
By adding StellarWorks workstation to their radiology imaging modality has greatly enhance the productivity of the radiology workflow, improved the patient care and provided cost savings.
Configuration overview of StellarWorks Workstation:
  • Improved workflow and productivity within and between the radiology and cardiology departments and workflow automation to other areas of the hospital.
  • Increased physician adoption by improving their access to patient information at point of care.
  • Provides ability to review procedures of multi-modality image of a patient from a central location, while the modality workstation limits only the images of the performing modality.
  • Used as film composing workstation, saves time by freeing the modality workstation.
  • Used as review and post processing workstation while a procedure is performed at the modality.
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