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Case Study
Case Study: Stellar DICOM Web for HIMS, Sitapur - Complete PACS Proxy Solution for Legacy PACS systems
Organization: Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Product Solution: Stellar DICOM Web
Overview of the Situation before Stellar DICOMWeb Installation:
Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Sitapur, India is Multi-speciality Medical College and Hospital which provides Medical services for thousands of people every day. Their Radiology Department produces hundred of scans each day ranging from PET-CT’s to MRI to DR’s. They also had an independent HIS (Hospital Information System) to manage their Patient Workflows. However, HIMS’s existing PACS had no remote viewing interface, nor the ability to integrate the studies with their existing HIS. Due to this, there were issues and delays in Patient Workflow.
Proposed Stellar DICOMWeb Solution:
The Stellar DICOMWeb Solution was proposed to HIMS as a remedy. Stellar DICOMWeb acted as a PACS Proxy solution to their existing PACS setup. Employing advanced web technologies like WADO and QIDO, the studies from the PACS could be retrieved from the WebViewer. With the help of secure VPN connection, WebViewer access from anywhere in the world was also established, thus widening the scope for referential collaboration.
In addition to the above, Stellar DICOMWeb also allowed for extensive URL integration to their existing HIS, thus making Patient Workflow an ease.
Configuration overview of the Solution provided for HIMS:
  • Patient Management system which is fully DICOM and HL7 compliant
  • Works with virtually any DICOM based PACS
  • Upgrade to Teleradiology enabled PACS from your legacy PACS without spending a lot of Capital Purchases
  • Telemedicine enabled system allows for around the world collaboration in an instant
  • Remote access through multiple devices over multiple institutions
  • Works from an internet connection from anywhere in the world
  • Enabled the technology Providers at the Hospital to manage users and system remotely via Rule Based Secure User Accounts for Individuals
  • Can be upgraded without the hassle of Data Migration or even PACS Downtime
  • URL Integration helps maintaining Patient records and Workflow seamlessly.
  • Provides powerful Web Viewer access to search, query and retrieve patient records and details
  • Web Viewer also comes with Image manipulation features such as brightness/contrast, Zoom/Pan and text annotation, Window width / level adjustments, flip, rotate, and inverse and RSNA templatebased Reporting features.
Methodology / Technology:
  • Platform portable Java technology
  • HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript
  • Modern responsive web and database technology
  • DICOM storage, query retrieve services
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