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Stellar Import Workstation
StellarWorks Import Workstation facilitates connecting your non-DICOM modalities to the PACS network
Stellar Import Workstation provides reliable interchange of patient records such as images and reports from a Non-DICOM modality to PACS system. It provides services such as import, storage, display, printing and export of image data from non-DICOM modalities such Ultrasound, Endoscope, Microscope, Film scanner, C-Arm still/fluoro, Digital camera, Video camera, Document scanner, Legacy CT/MR/XA and any image or video files.

Technology Highlights:
Import workstation Provides support for augment workflow capabilities with profiles for efficient management of internally digitized data and externally generated portable data such as, transferred on CDs, delivered on films, transmitted electronically (network, e-mail).

Import workstation can be used by small clinics to a large hospital for simple storage, reporting to a full fledged image acquisition, storage and reporting workstation.
  Key Features:  
Patient / Image Data Management:
Import works Provides easy to use patient browser user interface for study data management.
Support both manual data entry and work-list entries.
DICOM export to PACS
DICOM CD / Media export with inbuilt viewer
Non-DICOM media export with Image/video/report
Storage commitment and auto-delete options
Template based image reports and windows printing
Custom data export options
Data backup and restore
System Configuration:
Standard desktop or workstation class computer with Windows Operating system.
Pentium 4 class CPU with 2 GB RAM, 250GB HDD, CD/DVD Writer
Video graphics with 256MB memory and suitable display system supporting minimum resolution of 1024x768
TCP/IP network interface
Suitable capture interface ports
Imports almost any non-DICOM modality data into PACS and Improve exchangeability of patient data among less integrated departments & institutions.
Comprehensive patient and image data management features
Import externally generated patient data to fit into and enhance local patient records
Template based customizable application specific clinical reports
Supports various image export and connectivity options including DICOM 3 export to PACS
Helps to reduce error and enhances patient care
Easy to use workflow based user interface
Life of the legacy system can be extended by integrating the import workstation with the modality and provides cost savings.
Promotes film/paper less radiology
  Imaging Acquisition:
Supports capturing still, video and audio data.
Supports 8/10/12 bit monochrome capture
Support full color video & audio capture
Supports real-time still/video image compression
Supports live preview display with rotate, masking and brightness/contrast adjustment options
Supports password protected acquisition device configuration and settings
  Imaging and Reporting:
Thumbnail image preview.
Customizable display layouts
Still/cine image display
Image calibration and alignments
Rotation and Flipping
Windows width/level
Brightness contrast adjustments
Image inverse, masks/shutters
Measurement options
Template based application specific reports
Plain paper image/report printing
Optional DICOM printing
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