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Case Study
Case Study: Stellar CloudPACS solution for Bosch Eyecare.
Organization: Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions India.
Product Solution: StellarPACS Cloud, StellarWorks and Stellar WebViewer engineered for Bosch Eyecare.
Services: Cloud Hosting and Technical Support Services
Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions, India, one of the biggest Multinational Engineering and Technology Providers in India, developed a handheld Fundus Camera system that was portable and could be used anywhere with a connection to the internet.
SoftTeam provided Product solutions, Engineering and Support Services for Robert Bosch by engineered a Cloud Storage Solution which could store and manage countless images from any number of devices and institutions thus enabling a huge Multi-Tenant architecture-based system and provided the Eyecare Software which could receive the images from the Fundus Camera and maintain and process said images for diagnostic review. The system was designed to handle to large volumes of devices and studies across India through cloud platform.
The eyecare solution composed of the Workstation, ImageServer, Referral Service, Licensing Service, Web viewer clients, and Mobile clients. This is an image management system whose intended use is to provide scalable DICOM compatible PACS solutions for hospitals and related institutions and sites, which will archive, distribute, retrieve and display images and data from all hospital modalities (such as ophthalmic images, CR, CT, DR, MR, and other devices) and information systems.
Configuration overview of the Solution provided for Bosch
  • Rapid Product realisation
  • Cost Effective engineering and support services
  • Secure, Reliable and Customizable
  • Compliance to Standards, regulatory and quality requirements
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