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Case Study
Case Study: Stellar VNA solution for Tata Communications Limited (TCL).
Organization: Tata Communications Limited, Chennai, India
Product Solution: Stellar VNA and StellarPACS engineered for TCL.
Services: Technical Support Services
Tata Communications Limited (TCL), India, one of the biggest Communications Networks and Technology Providers partnered with SoftTeam Solutions Pvt Ltd., to materialize a Vendor Neutral Archive system called as Stellar VNA. Under this partnership, TCL will provide the necessary Servers and Hardware support while SoftTeam will provide the VNA Architecture, application, Database and Framework along with PACS if required.
When a client whose storage and archive requirements grow beyond their existing capacity, they reach out to TCL. The client can then choose to connect their existing PACS to Stellar VNA.
Once they have successfully configured the PACS to the VNA, with the help of the advanced WebViewer system than comes with Stellar VNA, they will be able to view and analyse studies and from there, they can either plan for auto-archiving or manual archiving as per requirement. Stellar VNA is also capable of managing imaging data from different PACS repositories, thus increasing the healthcare provider’s control over medical data.
Some features of Stellar VNA are as follows:
• Real time data archiving of multiple Institutions across India
• Manages more than 100TB of storage data across multiple clients
• Receives and handles millions of patients records seamlessly
• Stores data worth more than 10 years old reliably and securely
Configuration overview of the Solution provided for TCL:
  • Ensure data privacy and security through event logging.
  • Automated Data Migration Services.
  • Comes with IHE Security Standards.
  • Easy Search and Retrieve using multiple criteria like Tags, Keywords and ID’s.
  • Seamless integration with offline devices like tapes and discs.
  • Easy to expand storage as your requirement grows.
  • Low data expansion costs compared to setting up/leasing Archiving Hardware and equipment.
  • Easy Data Management with customizable Dashboards to monitor any data.
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