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Ultrasound System Software Solution Framework
SoftTeam provides complete application and control software framework for your real-time diagnostic ultrasound system development. With your hardware and with our software framework you can rapidly build the state of the art ultrasound product. Our development process is matured to meet the industrial and regulatory standards. Our documentation model complies with FDA-510K submission.
  Custom Solutions:
Highlights of the Solutions:
Customizable user interface solutions.
Customizable application workflow based on the ultrasound modes.
Complete measurement and calculation packages.
Patient data management with embedded database.
Template based application specific reports.
Application specific presets.
Custom interface to various console systems and emulators.
Complete DICOM enabling solutions.
Complete OS/platform customization.
Product verification through test matrix.
Architecture Framework & Design.
Measurement/Clinical Application Software package.
User Interface Design & Implementation.
Simulators and prototype developments.
Control System Design & Development.
Communication and networking solutions.
DICOM/HL7/IHE Solutions and integration.
Database Design and Implementation.
Image processing and archiving solutions.
Device driver and embedded software development.
System Integration and Performance Testing.
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