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DICOM Director DICOM Routing Solutions
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a comprehensive set of standards for handling, storing and transmitting information in medical imaging. It includes a file format definition and a network communication protocol. Many of the modern medical modalities support various degrees of DICOM functions like storage, storage commitment, print, worklist, MPPS, and procedure status indication. Even though many medical imaging modalities conforms to DICOM standard their degree of compliance to various DICOM functions are limited. These limitations are addressed by this custom DICOM Director solution as complete DICOM bridging solution.

SoftTeam’s customizable DICOM Director solution includes DICOM message routing engine and various processing modules that can be customized to meet various inter-connect needs that arise during the implementation and integration of any medical imaging modalities in an integrated health care environment.
  Features and Benefits:  
Supported DICOM Services:
Basic Worklist Management (MWML)
Modality performed procedure reporting (MPPS)
Study Content Notification
Storage Commitment
Supported Modalities:
Radiology modalities: CT / MRI / US / XRAY / Fluoro / NM-PET.
Cardiology modalities: ECG / XA / ECHO.
Oncology: RT Image / RT Structure Set /RT Plan / RT Dose-DVH.
The immediate benefit of DICOM Director solution enabling a semi DICOM modality into a complete DICOM modality and enable the hospital to integrate the modality with RIS/PACS system. This solution enables the modality with Integrated Healthcare environment (IHE) standard.
Pluggable components for common services that can be used as-is, or that can be easily customized.
Collection of DICOM tools with configurable settings.
DICOM / IHE conformance documentation.
Custom / cost effective development options.
Maintenance and support solutions for per product or per customer base.
Trouble free technical support options.
  Supported Platform:
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