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SoftTeam's research project to develop PET-MRI Automatic Tumour Detection and Recognition System.
DBT India and ISTPCanada is funding this project aimed at the development of a software product that will automatically and non-invasively detect and recognize tumours using Positron Emission Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Developing an automated means to detect tumours will eliminate the time-consuming, exhausting and potentially error-prone task of tracing out tumours. This will allow medical experts to concentrate on analysis and diagnosis, with the result of speeding up and improving tumour diagnosis.

Consortium Partners:

SoftTeam Solutions (Chennai, India)
AUG Signals (Toronto, Canada)
Hospital For Sick Children (Toronto, Canada)
Christian Medical College and Hospital (Vellore, India)
Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital (Chennai, India)

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