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StellarPACS Cloud
StellarPACS Cloud is SoftTeam’s advanced cloud ready RIS (Radiology Information System) / PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solution. Our web based PACS server enables physicians to securely access their patient’s images and reports at any time and conveniently from anywhere.

Employing the highest security protocols and near zero downtime experience, StellarPACS Cloud comes with a state of the art Zero Footprint Web Viewer with advanced Image Manipulation and reporting tools to provide an overall consistent viewing experience. Multi-Access from any internet-connected device enables collaborated patient reporting which is streamlined and always accessible.

Key benefits of StellarPACS Cloud:
Why go for cloud PACS:
High Patient Information Security via. Role Based user access Cloud Portal and WebViewer
Instant Patient Data reporting access from anywhere in the world with no delay in query and retrieve operations
Huge savings in initial capital investment
Almost zero maintenance costs
No space consuming Physical Servers
Highly reliable and near zero downtime
Ideally suitable for Teleradiology collaborations.
Web based viewer, compatible with many browsers.
Supports concurrent users.
Query/retrieve capabilities.
Customizable display layouts.
Fast image / report retrieval and rendering.
Complete image manipulation and review tools.
Teleradiology option.
Easier, faster, and more reliable sharing of studies for improved collaboration and patient care.
Higher storage capacity.
Lower costs, clouds eliminate the need for on-premises server hardware along with the costs involved in its maintenance.
Lower risk of losing data, regardless of the physical damage, the data remains safely stored in the cloud and accessible from any device.
Improved collaboration process
Image sharing in real-time
Anytime, anywhere access
Scalable infrastructure and application
Built-in disaster recovery
Cloud Storage: One of the main advantages of cloud storage is in its ability to provide the much-needed storage space to archive the PACS data that is DICOM files. Our application supports various cloud storage system (Amazon S3, Azure Blobs etc) for dynamic scaling of organization growth.
Broad network access: Physicians, radiologists and technicians can access StellarPACS Cloud from different locations and devices via a HIPAA compliant, SSL encrypted secure internet connection. PACS users are no longer tied to designated workstations, with our zero foot print viewer, user can access from various devices (workstation, tables, and smartphones) which improves the turnaround time of reports and the ability to collaborate on patient diagnoses 24/7.
Resource pooling: Our secured multi-tenant solution architecture helps with resource pooling, that is resources such as storage, processing, network bandwidth, and memory are pooled to multiple users from a central location according to each individual/institutional requirement.
Flexible service model: We offer flexible solution models suiting to your organizational business needs. It includes pay-per-study, monthly rentals, private cloud, custom / hybrid solutions.
StellarPACS cloud components:
StellarPACS cloud provides various components that can be integrated depending on the organization workflow requirements.
StellarPACS – Core DCIOMWeb services with central storage and sharing services.
StellarRIS — Integrated Radiology information System for radiology scheduled workflow management.
StellarWebworks – Web based zero foot-print DICOM image review, report and workflow service,
StellarRouter - Modality DICOM routing and cloud gateway services.
StellarConnect - Integrated Audio, Video, text chat collaboration services.
StellarPHR - Patient personal health record management services.
We offer following cloud PACS service models:
Pay-per-study: We provide volume and commitment-based pay-per-study pricing model with flexible billing.
Monthly-Rental: We provide fixed monthly rental service with fixed study caps or slab-based rates.
Your own cloud: We provide custom deployment on your own infrastructure with perpetual software license and annual maintenance services.
Case Studies:
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